Award ceremony for Indeks DOP
Objavljeno: 27 Nov, 2019

DVOKUT-ECRO d.o.o. is a five-time winner of the prestigious Indeks DOP Award!
Although this is our fifth award, we can also say jubilee, it is in no way less important to us. Moreover, it is proof that our business commitment and work are still recognized.

This Indeks DOP is also special because we were first awarded in the DOP category!

The award is a tribute to the board that directs and dictates the culture of the company and all employees who support that culture and who, through their own behavior, enhance the quality of the Dvokut Ecro.
We thank all the associates, the expert award committee that recognized our work, and all the other companies that participated in filling out the DOP Questionnaire because the existence of greater and healthy competition also makes us better and more excellent!


Izvor: HR PSOR
Autor: Dražen Lapić