We are winner of the 2020 CSR Index award!
Objavljeno: 14 Nov, 2020

DVOKUT-ECRO d.o.o. is winner of the 2020 CSR Index award, in the category of socially responsible relations with the community! We are extremely happy and pleased that the business community and experts in the field recognize our work and efforts. This ia an exceptional honour, but also a motivation for our future work and activities in improving community in general.

We thank the expert commission for awarding this recognition and all associates and companies that participated in completing the CSR Index Questionnaire.

Participation in discussion on Corporate Sustainability Reporting

We participated in the 3rd discussion on EFRAG's guidelines for reporting on Corporate Sustainability, for the thematic area: Environment, which took place on January 31, 2023, organized by HRPSOR. Corporate Sustainability Reporting is an upcoming regulatory...