Conference “Green Cities for a Greater Future”
Objavljeno: 9 May, 2018

Within the EU Green Week, 21-25 April May 2018 (“Green Cities for a Greater Future”), on 7 May 2018. in the Croatian Chamber of Commerce in Zagreb, was held a meeting for the promotion of the eco-label “Green Labels for Green Towns“.

Our colleague Daniela Klaić Jančijev attended the meeting, which on that occasion held a presentation of the project implemented in 2017 for the Ministry of Environmental Protection and Energy under the title “Informative campaign for the EU Ecolabel in the Republic of Croatia“.

The project involved the implementation of PR campaigns for various media, opening Facebook pages and ads on the Google search engine. The focus of the campaign was on stakeholders in the tourism sector and the promotion of tourist services through the EU Eco-label.

New Mobile Emission Laboratory (MEL)

New Mobile Emission Laboratory (MEL)

For many years, Dvokut-Ecro Ltd. has accreditation according to the requirements of the standard ISO / IEC 17025: 2017 for testing air quality and emissions of pollutants into the air from stationary sources in domain of waste gases and air. We are proud owners of a...