Environmental Monitoring

In the area of environmental monitoring we perform the following:

-ambient air quality monitoring (imission measurements)
-measurements of emissions into air from stationary sources
-landfill gases testing
-sea current measurements
-scuba-diving biological surveys
-meteorological and oceanographic measurements with near real time data presentation – check our meteo-ocean demo page

For the Mobile Ecological Laboratory (MEL), the Company has ISO 17025 certificate since 2010.

We can also offer:

-analyses of water quality
-analyses of sea water quality
-marine sediment analyses (mineral, granulometric and chemical composition analyses)
-soil analyses
-geotechnical site investigations
-geological site investigations

We can provide the following:

-preparation of reports on calculations of greenhouse gases emissions and other emissions of pollutants into the environment
-preparation and / or verification of special reports, calculations and projections regarding environmental components
-expert services relating to ROO (Environmental Pollution Register)
-types of waste and hazardous waste properties determination, sampling and testing physical and chemical properties of waste
-analyses of climate change impacts and of adaptations to the climate change