First testate amoebae described from the karst caves in the world – Centropyxis bipilata sp. nov.
Objavljeno: 15 Jun, 2020

In scientific journal Acta protozoologica pubilished is paper named Testate Amoebae in Karst Caves of the Dinaric Arc (South-Eastern Europe) with a Description of Centropyxis bipilata sp. nov  of folowing authors (on of them is our employee): Najla Baković, Ferry J. Siemensma, Robert Baković i Josip Rubinić.

Mention paper brings description of new species for science  – Centropyxis bipilata. It is a first testate amoebae described from cave habitats in the world. Following species is distributed in seventeen caves and pit caves of Dinaric arc and one locality of isolated karst area on Medvednica Mt. This paper present data about the biodiversity of testate amoebae of karst caves of the Dinaric arc collected in period from 2011 to 2019 and general data about the other groups of protists. Except for the data about the biodiversity, paper discusses topics of ecology of these organisms with accent on hydrological conditions.

Cave habitats are scarcely researched ecosystems even though they are characterized by high number of endemic species that are especially vulnerable. Thus, new data about the cave microorganisms, that are the basis of subterranean food networks, represents contribution to knowledge and protection of cave ecosystems.

Congratulations to our colleague Najla and other authors!

You can access the article full-text on the following link: