DVOKUT-ECRO Ltd. holds valid licenses issued by the Ministry of Environment and Energy of the Republic of Croatia to perform various environmental and nature protection services:

Preparation of Strategic Environmental Assessment studies for strategies, plans or programmes including preparation of the documentation necessary for SEA screening and SEA scoping procedures;

Preparation of Environmental Impact Assessment studies including preparation of the documentation necessary for EIA screening and EIA scoping procedures;

Preparation of chapters and studies for Appropriate Assessments for strategies, plans, programmes or projects;

Preparation of documentation necessary for determining the prevailing pubic interest with a suggestion of compensatory measures;

Preparation of Risk analysis for species introduction or reintroduction and wild species breeding/farming;

Preparation of documentation for acquiring the Environmental Permit in accordance with the IPPC Directive, including the Baseline report (IPPC documentation);

Preparation of Environmental Protection Programmes;

Preparation of Environmental State Reports;

Preparation of Safety Reports;

Preparation of Environmental Protection Reports for projects that are not obliged to undergo EIA or EIA screening procedures;

Preparation of remediation reports, programmes and remediation reports;

Assessment of environmental damage, including possible threats;

Expert consultancy services regarding the Environmental Pollution Registry (in Croatian: Registar onečišćavanja okoliša – ROO);

Preparation of reports on product compliance with standards for obtaining the environmental label “Friend of the Environment” (in Croatian: znak zaštite okoliša “Prijatelj okoliša”) and EU Ecolabel;

Preparation of special reports and reviews on environmental components state assessment;

Preparation of reports on calculations (inventory) of greenhouse gases emissions and other emissions of pollutants into the environment;

Preparation and/or verification of special reports, calculations and projections regarding environmental components;

Waste type determination, determination of hazardous waste properties, sampling and testing physical and chemical characteristics of waste;

Environmental monitoring;

Ambient air quality monitoring;

Monitoring of emissions into air from stationary sources.