Participation at the Copernicus workshop
Objavljeno: 16 Nov, 2018

Employees of the company Dvokut-Ecro participated in the Copernicus program and related products workshop held on 13th and 14th of November 2018 in Zagreb.

Databases and the possibilities of using (download, processing, interpretation) of the Sentinel data of the satellite group were presented at the workshop. Copernicus is a program funded by the EU, which began by launching the first satellite in 2014, and its main purpose is to provide a broad spectrum of information on the state of the atmosphere, air pollution and climate change. Data is collected through a group of satellites generating six basic data sets: Atmospheric Data (CAMS), Sea (CMEMS), Land (CLMS), Climate (C3S), Sudden Events (EMS) and Security.

Data is completely free and is available in a variety of forms (one of the benefits is integration of GIS applications via WMS or WFS) which will certainly have a great positive impact on future reporting on the state of the atmosphere, the sea, the land cover, the climate changes and sudden events in various documents, strategies and plans, primarily due to the exceptionally good weather and spatial resolution provided by these services.