Participation in discussion on Corporate Sustainability Reporting
Objavljeno: 1 Feb, 2023

We participated in the 3rd discussion on EFRAG’s guidelines for reporting on Corporate Sustainability, for the thematic area: Environment, which took place on January 31, 2023, organized by HRPSOR. Corporate Sustainability Reporting is an upcoming regulatory obligation of large companies, and a quality discussion between the legal obligee and regulatory authorities is necessary in order facilitate refulation implementation and ease the procedures for all involved parties. As experts in the field of environmental protection, we are pleased not only to be able to contribute to this process, but also to be among those leading the discussion itself.

Thus, our expert Igor Anić gave a presentation on the requirements from five components of the thematic area – Climate Change, Pollution, Water and Marine Resources, Biodiversity and Ecosystems, and Resource Use and Circular Economy. The discussion focused on the legislative framework, the necessary business analyses, and a special review was given of the challenges faced by companies as future legal obligee in the collection of relevant data.