Participation in the 21st century Explorers workshops
Objavljeno: 8 Nov, 2022

On November 4th, the “21st Century Explorers” event was held as part of the Croatian speleologists meeting at the Milan Lang Elementary School (Bregana), intended for students, but also teachers and the general public. A total of sixteen workshops related to different STEM fields were held. Over 500 students and teachers participated in the workshops.

Our company participated in the workshop “Microorganisms in caves”. We showed the children what cave microorganisms look like through a microscope, the equipment used in a microbiology laboratory, and how microorganisms clean our environment. There was also room for imagination when we talked about glittering bacterial colonies in caves that resemble gold and silver. Investing in children’s education is the best pledge for a healthier future for our planet. The most beautiful reward at the workshop was the curious children’s faces.

We also participated in Croatian speleologists meeting in Samobor (from November 4 to 6), where news from cave research in Croatia and the region were presented. Among the mentioned news, we can highlight research into the largest cave systems in Croatia, speleological and biospeleological expeditions, new methods in speleology, and the latest publications.

Participation in discussion on Corporate Sustainability Reporting

We participated in the 3rd discussion on EFRAG's guidelines for reporting on Corporate Sustainability, for the thematic area: Environment, which took place on January 31, 2023, organized by HRPSOR. Corporate Sustainability Reporting is an upcoming regulatory...