Preparation of EIA for the largest fish farm in Croatia
Objavljeno: 26 Apr, 2021

Dvokut-ECRO has prepared an Environmental Impact study and obtained a Decision on the environmental acceptability from the competent authority for the new Cromaris fish farm.

The farm is planned near the island of Maun in Zadar County. The planned capacity is 5,000 t per year, which makes this fish farm the largest single fish farm in Croatia.

To model the impact of the project on the seabed, we used the software tool MIKE3 (for modeling the hydrodynamics of the sea) and the associated module EcoLAB (for ecological modeling). Apart from assessing the impact of dispersion of organic matter using numerical models, we also performed impact assessment on other components of the environment and developed environmental protection measures and a monitoring program.

We are always happy to participate in projects in which we ensure environmental protection while enabling the domestic food production!

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