Round table on “Reed beds – evaluation of freshwater ecosystem services”
Objavljeno: 23 Mar, 2018

On 15th of March 2018, colleagues Najla Baković and Jelena Fressl participated in the Round Table on “Reed beds- Valuation of Freshwater Ecosystem Services” organized by Croatian Environmental and Nature Agency (HAOP). The round table goal was to bring together experts and interested experts to provide an overview of the available methodology for evaluating ecosystem services and to present the results of current projects related to freshwater ecosystem services (with emphasis on reed beds). Participants were presented with various ecosystems accounting methodologies through the System of Environmental-Economic Accounting (SEEA) Experimental Ecosystem Accounting (EEA). They also participated in an interactive exercise in which, according to the project task, they evaluated freshwater services ecosystems and changes in their value in accordance with social and environmental variables.