We are the first in Croatia to receive an Assurance Statement of Conformity with Corporate Social Responsibility in line with ISO 26000: 2010!
Objavljeno: 1 Dec, 2016

After years of applying the principles of corporate social responsibility, it has become official!

In November 2016, we were the first company in Croatia to receive the Assurance Statement over the governance on Corporate Social Responsibility in line with the principles and guidelines set out in ISO 26000: 2010 norm, of which we are extremely proud.

This standard includes guidance on the fundamental principles of social responsibility, recognising social responsibility and cooperation with stakeholders and the major themes and issues relating to social responsibility and ways of integrating socially responsible behaviour in the organisation (some of the key topics are: prevention of discrimination and protection of vulnerable groups, protection of civil and political rights, respecting fundamental principles and worker rights, employment and labour issues, environmental protection, prevention of corruption, fair competition, community involvement, etc.). The standard emphasises the importance of achieving results of Corporate Social Responsibility through company operations, as well as stresses out continuous strive for performance  improvement of in terms of social responsibility.