We held a lecture on grassland research in Plitvice National Park area
Objavljeno: 15 Dec, 2022

Dvokut-Ecro’s biologists Tajana Uzelac Obradović and Najla Baković  in collaboration with our external associate Dubravko Šincek held a lecture on Thursday (December 8, 2022) at the invitation of the Croatian Botanical Society. The topic of the lecture was Valorization of grasslands in the Plitvice Lakes National Park and selected Lika karst poljes (eng. karts fields). The grasslands in the area of Lika represent an invaluable asset of Croatia, but the unstoppable change in land use imposes numerous conservation challenges. The lecture presented a recent six-month research with reference to the use of lawns for mowing, grazing, beekeeping, allergens and medicinal taxa, as well as the findings of rare and endangered taxa and plant communities. At the lecture, they also referred to the important services of grassland ecosystems. The research was carried out as a part of Valorization of plant diversity of grassland communities used for mowing and grazing project, which was financed by the Plitvice Lakes National Park.