DVOKUT-ECRO Ltd. offers to its clients consulting services, preparation of document proscribed by the environmental and nature protection legal framework, such as Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) studies and screening reports, Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) studies for strategies, plans or programs, studies or chapters of the Appropriate Assessment (main impact assessment for the ecological network i.e. Natura 2000), documentation required for obtaining the Environmental Permit (IPPC documentation), waste management plans, environmental protection programs and other. Additionally, we offer preparation of Feasibility Studies (FS), Cost-Benefit Analyses (CBA) and Due Diligence reports.

We offer project design services in water management and waste management sectors. With our accredited Mobile Environmental Laboratory, we can conduct air quality monitoring, measure emissions into the air and test landfill gases. Also, we offer water and sea quality analysis, soil quality testing, analysis of waste properties and other site investigation activities. We own a boat, equipped with instruments for sea current measurements, bathymetry and sea bottom type determination, which is also used by our biologists scuba-divers when conducting surveys of marine habitats.

DVOKUT-ECRO Ltd. founded the company Dvoper Ltd. in 2008. in Belgrade, whose expert multidisciplinary team provides consulting services in the field of environmental protection and management. More about the mentioned services can be found at the link.

1_strateska procjena

Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) and Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA)

2_zastita prirode

Nature and nature resources management and protection (including water and sea protection)

7_pracenje stanja

Environmental Monitoring and Supervision services


Pollution prevention, control and remediation (incl. IPPC documentation)


Project design

5_razni elab

Various reports, analyses, environmental protection programs and action plans


Feasibility Studies, financial and economic analyses

8_studije izvedicosti

Capacity building, training and education

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DVOKUT-ECRO Ltd. holds valid licenses issued by the Ministry of Environment and Energy of the Republic of Croatia to perform various environmental and nature protection services:

  • Preparation of Strategic Environmental Assessment studies for strategies, plans or programmes including preparation of the documentation necessary for SEA screening and SEA scoping procedures;
  • Preparation of Environmental Impact Assessment studies including preparation of the documentation necessary for EIA screening and EIA scoping procedures;
  • Preparation of chapters and studies for Appropriate Assessments for strategies, plans, programmes or projects;
  • Preparation of documentation necessary for determining the prevailing pubic interest with a suggestion of compensatory measures;
  • Preparation of Risk analysis for species introduction or reintroduction and wild species breeding/farming;
  • Preparation of documentation for acquiring the Environmental Permit in accordance with the IPPC Directive, including the Baseline report (IPPC documentation);
  • Preparation of Environmental Protection Programmes;
  • Preparation of Environmental State Reports;
  • Preparation of Safety Reports;
  • Preparation of Environmental Protection Reports for projects that are not obliged to undergo EIA or EIA screening procedures;
  • Preparation of remediation reports, programmes and remediation reports;
  • Assessment of environmental damage, including possible threats;
  • Expert consultancy services regarding the Environmental Pollution Registry (in Croatian: Registar onečišćavanja okoliša – ROO);
  • Preparation of reports on product compliance with standards for obtaining the environmental label “Friend of the Environment” (in Croatian: znak zaštite okoliša “Prijatelj okoliša”) and EU Ecolabel;
  • Preparation of special reports and reviews on environmental components state assessment;
  • Preparation of reports on calculations (inventory) of greenhouse gases emissions and other emissions of pollutants into the environment;
  • Preparation and/or verification of special reports, calculations and projections regarding environmental components;
  • Waste type determination, determination of hazardous waste properties, sampling and testing physical and chemical characteristics of waste;
  • Environmental monitoring;
  • Ambient air quality monitoring;
  • Monitoring of emissions into air from stationary sources.